Selenium Bootcamp with Expert Dave Haeffner

Selenium Bootcamp with Expert Dave Haeffner

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 10:00am PDT

Have you heard of Selenium, but don't know yet how to use it to test your software? Have you tried using it, but aren't yet as comfortable as you want to be?

Join us for a webinar with Selenium expert Dave Haeffner to learn all about Selenium from the ground up. Learn how to build out a well factored, maintainable, resilient, and parallelized suite of tests that will run locally, on a Continuous Integration system, and in the cloud. Help boost your business' productivity with QA testing using Selenium to drastically cut back on testing time, cost, and hassle.



Featured Speaker:

Dave Haeffner
Selenium expert & author of The Selenium GuideBook: How to Use Selenium, successfully

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