How Yahoo! Mail Transformed Its Functional Testing and Continuous Delivery Process

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014, 11:00am PDT

Learn how one Engineer helped transform internet giant Yahoo! Mail's quality engineering process through functional testing and continuous delivery.

Over the last two years, Front End Developer Neil Manvar's most important contribution to Yahoo! has been developing a modern functional testing framework that is based on open-source technologies, plays well with legacy code, supports many browsers, does not need maintenance, is readable to product managers, and makes writing a pleasure.

Neil will talk through and highlight:

  • What their tech stack looks like (Cucumber, Page-Object, Watir-Webriver, Sauce Labs)
  • How they flip features on and off and test against them
  • How features get pushed, and the role of functional testing
  • Why they structurally implemented testing into each build, even for devs
  • How the shift towards cloud-based services, open-source technologies, and devs who write QA code is changing the face of the entire organization

A live Q&A with Neil will follow.

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