The Essential Guide to Continuous Testing

No matter the industry, every company is now in the business of developing applications and online experiences. To keep up with the competition, you need to stand out in all of the digital noise. For your app to succeed, it is critical that it delight your customers with a flawless experience, regardless of what device they use to access it. New features and updates need to be delivered quickly and frequently, but without compromising quality.

Topics covered in the ebook:

  • Why user experience matters
  • What is Continuous Testing?
  • Why should you care about Continuous Testing?
  • 6 Best practices for successful Continuous Testing
  • Making change happen
  • Scaling up your testing in the cloud

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About Us

In today's software-centric economy, speed is everything. The pressure to deliver more, faster, falls squarely on development teams. Sauce Labs accelerates software development by removing testing as a bottleneck. Our continuous testing cloud ensures that the web and mobile applications people use every day, work flawlessly on any browser or device.

Testing in this way ensures that bugs are caught and fixed for earlier in the development process, improving overall quality, while saving significant time and money.