Skip Staging! Test Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes Apps like a Pro

The traditional "staging" model is getting in the way of adequately testing our applications. With the power of Kubernetes, Helm, Sauce Labs, and Codefresh we can dramatically speed up and improve the quality of integration testing using short-lived environments.

Topics covered:

  • Create Automated short-lived environments for every commit/branch
  • Run integration tests in a scalable way
  • Use Helm, Kubernetes, Codefresh, and Sauce Labs integrations

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Our Speakers

Dan Garfield, CodeFresh

Dan is a full-stack engineer and VP of Marketing at Codefresh, a complete DevOps platform built for Kubernetes and Helm. He's an old-school cool hacker who used to run BBSes and now builds robotic chicken coops.

Ken Drachnik

Ken is a Product Marketing Director for web and platform at Sauce Labs. Previously he was in product management launching project Glassfish (J2EE) at Sun Microsystems and was an evangelist promoting Sun's role in open source projects.

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