Continuous Delivery is rapidly becoming the gold standard for companies looking to reliably produce and deliver their product efficiently. Consider that of 900+ global IT professionals polled in our annual survey, over 60% say they've already implemented some degree of continuous delivery for their application build environments. However, our annual survey also shows that many U.S. and European companies are falling short on implementing best practices -- this report identifies gaps and offers possible solutions.

Insights from this report include:

  • Only a quarter of respondents said their software was always in a shippable state every time a new feature or patch is added (47% said "usually")
  • 64% of respondents cite company culture as the biggest barrier to Continuous Delivery (64% also indicated "a lack of time")
  • The three most commonly used tools for each stage in CD, plus a visualization of an optimally automated deployment pipeline
  • A Continuous Delivery maturity checklist, covering source control, build process, QA, visibility and deployment